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Rules of the Game

    Floorball is played by two teams of six to a side, including goalkeeper. A game of floorball is usually officiated by two referees. Floorball takes place indoor, on a rink that varies from 18-20 meters wide and 36-40 meters long.

The rink is bordered by 50 cm boards with rounded corners. The goals are 160 cm wide and 115 cm high.


    The object of floorball is to score points by hitting a ball in the goal past the goalkeeper using a hockey like stick. A floorball game consists of three 20 minute periods. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins. Time is stopped for goals, penalties, and timeouts. Each team gets one 30 second timeout per game. Shoulder-to-shoulder contact is allowed, but ice hockey like checking is against the rules. Players can not play the ball higher than knee level. They are also not allowed to use their sticks to raise another player's stick. Infractions lead to two minute penalties, but can be made up to five minutes at the referee's discretion. When play is stopped it is restarted with a faceoff or free hit. If a match ends in a tie, play is continued, and the first team to score wins.


    A floorball player needs a pair of shorts, a shirt, socks and indoor sport shoes. Players are allowed to wear shin guards, eye protectors, and protective padding for vital areas. All players except for the goalkeeper carry sticks. A floorball stick is short compared with ice hockey; the maximum total size for a stick is 114 cm. Goalkeepers wear protection, padded pants, a padded chest protector, and a helmet. It is common for goalkeepers to also use kneepads and gloves. The game is played with a floorball that weighs 23 grams, with a 72 mm diameter. The ball has 26 holes in it; each of which are 11 mm in diameter, similar to a waffle ball.


Rules of the Game Edition 2014 (Open in new window)

Rules of the Game Edition 2014 (RUS)

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